• star Collect Reviews with our App or Email
  • star Display Reviews on your Website
  • star Post Reviews to Social Networks
  • star Remove Fake Competitor Reviews
  • star Get Reviews to Page 1 of Google*

How It Works

Step 1 – Sign Up

Begin by getting your business signed up, click the  “Start 30 Days Free Trial”  button and follow the sign-up process.

Once sign up is complete you will be prompted to select your URL, this should be the business name your customers know you by.

Step 2 – Collecting Reviews, Feedback & Testimonials

Collecting Reviews with our App

Immediately after signing up you can begin collecting reviews with our App, download it from iTunes for an Apple device or from Google Play for an Android device.

To login to the app, either create a new set of login credential in the “App User” tab in your “My Account” area or use the login credentials in the “Getting Started” email.

If you have chosen our “Small Business” plan then you can install our app on up to 5 devices, So get your staff and employees involved with collecting reviews too.

To Create, Manage or Edit your app users, go to the “App Users” tab in the “My Account” area.

Note - Create more app users in the ’App Users’ tab in the ‘My Account’ area.

Request Reviews from Customers via Email

You can also collect reviews from the customers you do not get to meet by uploading their name and email address to our system and we will send the customer a review request email on your behalf.

Go to the “Emailer” tab in your “My Account” area, here you have two options of how you can upload a customer’s name and email address.

1. Upload an individual customers details


2. Bulk upload a large list of customers (csv)

Emailer Dashboard View

Once uploaded, the customer will receive 3 emails over 9 days, requesting a review for your business.

You can track their actions and see if they wrote a review from the “Pending List”.

You can also enter a customer name via the App using the “Request Review via Email” option.

Watch the Tutorial on the Emailer page and it will guide you through the process.

Step 3 – Display Reviews on your Website

Next, you will need to install one of our Review Widgets on your website, this is the tool that will display the reviews you collect to potential customers visiting your website.

Go to your “My Account” area and click the “Website Widgets” tab, choose the review widget you like, copy the html code and paste it into the footer or page where you want your reviews to appear.

Once installed, the widget will automatically display the 6 most recent reviews you have collected.

Displaying reviews to people that do not know your business is a great way to built trust for your product or service, it gives a better insight as to how you treat your customers.

Watch the Tutorial on the Website Widget page and it will guide you through the process.


Step 4 – Post Reviews to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

You can automatically have reviews you collect posted straight to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts.

Login and go to “My Account” and click the “Social Media” tab.

Once you connect Eooro to a social network, every time you receive a review we save you lots of time by automatically posting it for you.

If you would prefer to manually post reviews then select “No, I will manually post” from the dropdown when connecting to a social network. You will then be able to post reviews with “One Click” from the “Reviews” tab.

Watch the Tutorial on the Social Media page and it will guide you through the process.


Posting reviews on social networks not only keeps your existing followers engaged, but it also helps build social signals for your business.

When your followers see the reviews, they are reminded about your business and this can lead to referrals.

Search Results

Reviews take approx. 2-8 weeks to be indexed by Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Once they have been fully indexed (categorised) they will start to appear on Page 1 of search results.

Therefore, when a customer searches for reviews about your business they will clearly see your Eooro reviews high up on search results and this is the key to getting new customers to buy your product or service.


Once you are set up, your only task is to collect reviews from customers… Eooro takes care of the rest.

Find out more about our Cases system after signing up, see how you can quickly and easily remove fake competitor reviews.

* Over 90% of Eooro Reviews reach page 1 of Google search results, when a potential customer searches “Your Business Name + Reviews” they will see your Eooro review on the first page.